DFP Organ Recital News – part 2

Following the huge success of the first organ recital of the 10/11 Season, I’m putting out details of the next scheduled recital which will take place in Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS, Kuala Lumpur, on Sunday 16th January 2011 at 11.30am. If the demand is as high as for the first recital, you would do very well to book your FREE tickets NOW; contact the box office on 03 20517007 or at dfp_boxoffice@petronas.com.my.

The recital is called “Eight Short Bachs” and includes all eight of the popular “Short” Preludes and Fugues attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), although possibly written by one of his students, interspersed with eight of the short Interludes composed by the iconic German organ composer, Sigfrid Karg-Elert (1877-1933). It has been said of Karg-Elert that he possessed a “genius for creating atmosphere within the space of a few bars” and that is certainly the case with these tiny miniatures, mostly less than a minute in length. They are almost tailor-made for the DFP Klais so, alongside the musical genius of Bach we will experience the kaleidoscopic colours of the true Romantic organ.

Here’s the programme;

Prelude and Fugue in C (BWV553)
Interlude in C “Peaceful”
Prelude & Fugue in Dm (BWV554)
Interlude in the Phrygian mode “Tranquillamente”
Prelude & Fugue in Em (BWV555)
Interlude in Em “Pomposo”
Prelude & Fugue in F (BWV556)
Interlude in Fm “Alla Musette”
Prelude & Fugue in G (BWV557)
Interlude in G “Calmly”
Prelude & Fugue in Gm (BWV558)
Interlude in the Mixolydian mode “Moderato”
Prelude & Fugue in Am (BWV559)
Interlude in Am “Tempo moderato”
Prelude & Fugue in B flat (BWV560)
Interlude in C “Festivo”

In response to a number of people who asked for it, I am going to hold a question-and-answer session after the 40-minute recital. In the meantime, I’m trying to create a mailing list of DFP Organ Supporters. As these are free recitals, we don’t hold any records of who bought tickets, so we cannot contact those who are specifically interested in the organ. I’m planning some themed events – including talks, visiting recitals and opportunities to see around and play the DFP Klais – but need to know who would be interested so I can contact them directly. So, if anyone reading this is interested, please can you send your contact details to me at m_rochester@petronas.com.my. Don’t expect any response for a month or two.


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